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A universal solution

MailStone is based on an innovative, advantageous and still largely under-exploited technology: Blockchain.

This technology makes it possible to share and maintain consensus on a constantly evolving set of data, without intermediaries or third parties. Every email and attachment recorded on the blockchain can be verified and timestamped.​


Reinforce the security of your exchanges.

  • Bring a tool to secure exchanges for the company's various departments.

  • Deploy a simplified way to record your company's emails in the Blockchain.

  • Support your company’s mastery of new technologies.

  • Maintain sovereignty over your data with confidentiality by design.​


Turn your emails in proof.

With MailStone, every email sent is a proof created.

  • Give your emails added probative value.

  • Strengthen your compliance with established regulations.

  • Prevent identity theft attempts​


Establish a climate of trust.

With MailStone, make sure your words are heard and their integrity respected.

  • Secure your exchanges.

  • Provide a guarantee of your integrity.

  • Prevent identity theft attempts.

  • Confidentiality guaranteed by design.​

Why securing an email ?

shield stone

Email remains the main communication channel used in business, and more particularly between companies (as distinct from the main internal communication tools such as Slack or Yammer).

For example, 350 million professional emails are sent every day in France.

However, no email constitutes definitive proof in the event of a dispute. MailStone provides a simple, fast and economical response to this paradox, by providing a guarantee of the integrity of your exchanges – for you and for all your recipients.​

Protect your value...without wasting time

No need to resort to a complex, obscure and expensive solution: with MailStone, all your emails are systematically secure, and the digital footprint preserved immutably in the Blockchain. In addition to giving them probative value, MailStone guarantees long-term conservation of proof of your integrity.

MailStone is designed to integrate optimally and seamlessly into your daily life: a simple plug-in helps you automatically secure all your correspondence, the integrity of which you can check at any time via your dedicated page.​

Shield stone

Take advantage of a 100% confidential solution

Lock stone

The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed by design. MailStone does not store any emails or attachments: only a digital imprint of your data is kept in the blockchain.

Although the Blockchain is public, it is impossible to reconstruct your emails from registrations made by MailStone. You remain sovereign over your data, and can decide at any time to verify its integrity.​

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