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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work ?

Can I automate my Blockchained sending ?

MailStone propose an Outlook plugin available on your MailStone area to automate the usage of MailStone. Two buttons will be available while creating new emails, « MailStone » or « MailStone A/R » which will include required information to your email.

Where does my email go when it is in copy of a mailstone address ?

Email is sent on our MailStone servers, a digital fingerprint is calculated of its content and attachment. Email is never stored and after fingerprint calculation it is deleted. Only header informations are recorded.

My email is stored ?

No, it is deleted as soon as the digital fingerprint is calculated in order to guarantee its condifentiality.

If I delete my email, can I retrieve it through MailStone ?

If the original email is deleted, it is impossible to retrieve it as MailStone is not storing it, it store only a digital fingerprint of the emails. By the way you'll be able to get a certificate of record of your email.

If only saved the attachment of a sent email, can I get a certificate for this file ?

Yes, you can ask for a certificate of conformity of an attachment docyment even if you do not get the original email. You'll get the proof of the attachment file stored into the Blockchain.

What happens to Blockchain emails if the MailStone service stops?

Since the records are made on the Blockchain, the evidence persists. However, you can retrieve a CSV file containing all the digital fingerprints of your emails to maintain their authenticity.​

What is the value of the trusted third party: Public Blockchain?​

The public Blockchain has proven itself in the global circulation of cryptocurrency. To complete the Blockchain proof, all emails and PJs secured by MailStone are time stamped via our qualified eIDAS MailStone TimeStamp service providing an additional element on the integrity of your digital elements.​

What is the legal value of a Blockchained email?​

To meet a legal value you need a law. In France there is no law on Blockchain yet, so the perfect proof of a document remains that of the notary or the bailiff. All other evidence is what is called imperfect evidence in law. A simple email has no value because it can be modified, whereas a Blockchain email constitutes the highest level of imperfect proof.

Therefore, we supplement the evidence by adding an eIDAS qualified electronic timestamp for each email and attachment secured by our service to increase its probity.​

How do Blockchain emails with acknowledgment of receipt work?​

Once an email is secured by MailStone with the acknowledgment option, all recipients of the email will receive an acknowledgment request from MailStone with a link to click.

As soon as the link is clicked, MailStone takes into account the acknowledgment of receipt of this email.

If, however, the link is not clicked, MailStone makes several attempts to retry sending the acknowledgment request. After 5 attempts, MailStone considers that there was no acknowledgment of receipt for this recipient.


All acknowledgments of receipt are time-stamped and recorded in the Blockchain and are included in the registration certificate of the initial email to obtain complete traceability of the exchange.​

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